Does HTML5 Help in SEO?

PSD to HTML5 Conversion

HTML5 is feature rich and uses some new tags and have added advantages of Video and Audio, but whether this helps in SEO? This question has been answered in many different portals and articles in many different ways, and some are misleading, and some are ambitious and optimistic, and some have managed to write the correct information. The truth is, HTML5 has been a great technology to work with, but hasn’t done anything major for SEO area to get likings from SEO Experts Sydney.

HTML5 has new semantics using which it has covered many different features and technologies increasing the scope of HTML. We will be discussing how the new semantics HTML5 have brought into existence may or may not be able to help in SEO Rankings and Google Rankings.

HTML5 does not help in ranking the Content Higher

New semantics of HTML5 doesn’t help you put your content on higher rankings on any of the search engines. This also means that HTML5 semantics have no direct or indirect effect on Page Ranking as well. So overall in terms of content ranking or Search Engine Ranking, HTML5 doesn’t have any new semantics to support.

Search Engine Optimization

HTML5 has Microdata as the only SEO Related Semantic

HTML5 have come up with microdata, which at this point is the only benefit to SEO by using HTML5. This Microdata, doesn’t help in boosting the website rankings, but it will certainly add more semantic value to the content and makes it easier for the search engines to display the content for the users. This can be considered as a benefit that the content is being categorized as higher importance to lower importance and that way making search engines understand, which content is necessary for the users to read.


HTML5 really has not been revolutionary for SEO and the SEO Experts should not be too excited to have this, by looking at the real benefits HTML5 offers to SEO. So, HTML5 Website won’t be able to outrank any website, with poor content, and lesser back-links. It will still require all of those, to get to the success and get to the rankings. But realistically thinking, the new semantics HTML5 have come up with are helping very little in terms of SEO and doesn’t help anywhere in terms of Google Rankings and Experienced SEO Consultants Sydney believe that it probably will never be.

In Other words, for the Australian SEO Company and their SEO Experts Sydney based team, will still have to wait and see if there is any advancement in terms of SEO going forward. For newer website owners and Web Designers Sydney, HTML5 is a very nice technology with many additive features and covers many technology advancements to use it as a feature rich and powerful programming language. It is proven to be better to do PSD to HTML5 conversion and make maximum use of this advanced technology, but its just not advance enough for SEO Experts Australia Yet.


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